There are advantages from linking health and social care records for Camden residents. The information in CIDR has proved invaluable to clinicians and health practitioners in delivering high quality care. The integrated portal helps services make best use of their time and resources and improve, for instance, home visits by community nurses and prescribing by emergency department clinicians. The three main advantages are:

Higher Quality of Care

Health professionals will have all the information required to provide the highest level of care. The quality of patient consultation is vastly improved by having all the information needed for the session. If you receive social care, CIDR links your social care information with your key clinical information to help professionals respond better to your immediate needs.

Improved Safety of Care

CIDR lets community, mental health and other care organisations more easily access information from other organisations to support the decisions they make about your care.

Medication history, diagnosis, alerts and allergies are among key data shared between all your care organisations through the portal. This improves safe, reliable prescribing and strengthens patient safety

Improved Experience of Care

The CIDR portal enables home visits to be made when they are needed and unnecessary visits to be avoided. Patients do not need to repeat key information about their health or care to professionals in different services and there is less duplication of treatments and repetition of tests and investigations which have already being carried out.