We regularly update this list of frequently asked questions.  If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

What is CIDR?
Care Integrated Digital Record is a project to combine health and social care data from GPs, University College London Hospitals (UCLH), Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RFH), Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL), Camden and Islington Foundation Trust, Coordinate My Care (CMC) and the London Borough of Camden.
What is an integrated digital record?
An integrated digital record is made up of data from each of the organisations above. It is available for health and social care professionals to view securely through the NHS network.
Why are you building this integrated digital record?
Professionals can make better decisions about your care if they have more complete information. These integrated records will make it easier for local organisations looking after you to share information and so more time can be spent on delivering care.
Can my integrated digital record be viewed on the internet from any computer?
Yes, but only through a secured internet link.
Who can see the integrated digital record?
Only approved professionals directly involved in care or those supporting the delivery of that care (for example practice and hospital administrative staff).
What details will be included in the integrated digital record?
Details in the record include: dates and outcomes of hospital visits, appointments, referrals, prescribed medications, allergies, investigations (for example blood tests), diagnoses, support plans, planned review date and type of care package, care plans, risk/warnings, and details of the healthcare professionals looking after you. The portal does not contain sensitive information such as sexual health, termination of pregnancy, HIV status or fertility treatment.
Does permission have to be given for the integrated record to be viewed?
In almost all cases, yes. You should be asked before an organisation accesses your Care Integrated Digital Record, and you have a right to say that the organisation may not view it. There are a few exceptions when a health or social care professional can view without approval, such as if you were receiving emergency care and unable to provide such approval immediately (for instance if you were unconscious). In these exceptions, your approval will be sought at the earliest opportunity. You have the right to say that the organisation is not allowed to view the integrated record.
How are the records linked up?
Primarily through your NHS number with other information that identifies you. The CIDR system uses specially designed software, which links together matching records.
How do I know the records won’t contain details of someone else by accident?
If the system can’t confirm the records are all yours, the information in them will be reviewed to check whether they belong to the same person. If there is any doubt, the records are not matched.
Can I opt out of this?
Yes. If you do not want an integrated record created, you should inform your GP practice.
What if I opt out but then want to opt back in?
This is not a problem. You can easily opt back in by talking to your GP practice. However, if you “opt out” and opt back in later your record may not contain some important information.
Will the data be sold to insurance companies or drug companies?
No. The Camden Integrated Digital Record will only be used by local NHS and Local Authority health and social care services to improve your care and support.
How safe is the data?
The NHS and CIDR take data security extremely seriously. All access to information is through a highly secure portal which only approved NHS and Local Authority health and social care professionals can use.
Can I look at my integrated record?
Not yet. CIDR will help us deliver the Government’s pledge to make digital records directly available to patients. Camden CCG and its partners are working towards this and we will keep you informed on our progress on the CIDR website
Is this related to other national programmes?
No. Other national programmes you may have heard of are completely separate. CIDR is only integrating data in Camden and we are only using the data to improve the quality of care you receive locally. This is not part of any other local or national initiative.
What happens if I move?
If you don’t change your GP, your record will remain active but can only be viewed by organisations in the programme that you have granted access to. If this changes we will let you know. However, if you change GP your record will be no longer accessible, unless your new GP also works at a participating practice. We are only integrating records for patients registered at a participating GP practice.
Who can I contact for more information?
Many of the health and social care services will be able to provide you with further information or you can contact the Camden CCG CIDR Team at: • cidr.project@nhs.net