Levels of Records

An integrated digital record is made up of approved relevant electronic data from different sources. For CIDR this includes each of the organisations found in the Partners section of this website. For ease of understanding we have provided the tabs below to demonstrate the levels of records available.

Full CIDR record

A CIDR record is created but access is provided by the patient giving explicit consent to each organisation.

Impact: The full records are available with the patient’s consent.

Action: None needed

CIDR record not viewable

A CIDR record is created and data is collated but access to these records by all care professionals is suspended.

Impact: A historical record is developed, so vital information can be made available if there is a change in consent.

Action: To restrict the view of a record a patient should contact their GP practice.

No CIDR record

No record is created within the programme at all. Only summary demographic data is held.

Impact: No record is present to support patient care. This includes the storage of any information from all organisations.

Action: A patient should contact their GP service for this to be processed.