Privacy Model

By default, a patient “dissent” model will be applied to all records in CIDR. Access to all patient records is restricted to all care professionals and all patient search results are sealed. Care professionals who need access to a sealed record must:

  • If the patient is present - declare a legitimate relationship.
  • If the patient is unable to give consent - declare the legitimate relationship needs.
  • If the patient is not present - provide a valid reason.

Privacy Expiration Period

When a legitimate relationship is declared, the time period for a record to be opened by a care professional role is as follows:

1. For these group of organisations it expires in two years

  • CNWL — Central North West London Community Health
  • C&I — Camden & Islington Mental Health
  • RFH — Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust
  • UCLH — University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • LBC — London Borough of Camden

2. For General Practice it expires after the patient ceases to be registered with the GP practice.