Records Access

Only authorised health and social care professionals are permitted to use the system.

NHS or Local Authority organisations must authorise a member of staff to use CIDR. They will only be authorised to use the functions they require (for instance doctors will be able to view more information than admin staff).

Staff with permission to access the CIDR records can ONLY view your records once you have given the relevant organisation explicit consent to do so.

You must give explicit consent to allow records to be viewed by that organisation unless it is an emergency and there are exceptional circumstances (for instance if you are unconscious and need urgent treatment) and then your records may be accessed for a limited time.

The care professionals who might have permission to access information include:

High Level Access



Medium Level Access

District Nurse

Social Worker


Low Level Access


Ward Clerk

We continuously monitor who is viewing records and how they are using them. This ensures they are being accessed appropriately in line with the NHS Care Records Guarantee, which sets out how patients’ information can be used