Sharing Data

Data Sharing Principles

Health and social care services are responsible for handling your information safely, securely and appropriately. Improved information sharing is vital to deliver quality care services. Organisations that have signed the Data Sharing Agreement for CIDR are responsible for ensuring their information is handled appropriately, securely and in accordance with the UK law which also includes GDPR (2016).

Our partners are obliged to explain to each person they care for how their information is being used in CIDR and what they should do if they have any concerns or wish to opt out. The Data Sharing Agreement sets out the rules that bind the organisations involved in data sharing.

The partner organisations that share their information through CIDR are:

  • All 34 Camden GP practices (Primary Care)
  • Camden and Islington Mental Health Trust (Mental Health)
  • Central & North West London Trust (Community Health)
  • Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust (Acute Secondary Care)
  • University College London Hospital Trust (Acute Secondary Care)
  • London Borough of Camden (Social Care)
  • Royal Marsden Coordinate My Care (Palliative Care)

For more information about the individual organisations that share data with CIDR, see the “Our Partners” menu.